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Cloth hangers from pieperhangers

professional, reliable, price conscious

Perfection in every detail – this is the key for the 100% satisfaction of you guest and customers. For more than 90 years pieperconcept® and recently with pieperhangers as brand name for hangers in premium quality.

Our hangers are as well in leading Hotels and Resorts as in the Showrooms of the well-known fashion brands.

Our core competence is concentrated in developing and reliable delivery of custom-made hangers. Our portfolio includes the range of the surface finished shaped hanger up to the economical hanger in all variations."made for fashion" is our credo. With current trends we are the innovative pioneer in our market.
Lots of our customers gain inspiration of our hanger creations, before they make the choice for that kind of hangers which are most suitable for them.
In the premium class we are convincing with independent designs of hooks and surfaces, for example the special Softtouch painting or individually coordinated colours matching the interior.
Your Hotel logo or each other kind of branding rounds off the precious 5 Star Hotel appearance of an original pieperconcept® hotel hanger.
Different equipment options does not leave anything to be desired.

Apart from the custom-made hangers we supply a wide range of other hangers within our online shop. You choose the right massive or laminated wooden hanger or the right plastic hanger. By request we are supplying every hanger with your logo – and we do for a little as 100 pieces.

Our references are confirming our consulting service as uncomplicated and expedient - by request also on-site by our customers.

Hangers for your branded world

Wood species and colour

Natural high-grade wood species as oak, ash and beech up to Asian hardwood, all of them we are able to supply in all qualities and price options.
Matching to your shop fitting our principal material wood becomes its additional upgrading by staining, oiling and painting in all conceivable colours.

Metal accessories

Nearly every hanger fulfils his mission only then completely if it is equipped with hook, wooden bar, clips or other add-on parts.
pieperhangers provides a wide range of shapes and metal surfaces, but functionality is also a priority.

Surfaces are always fitting to your structural designs, so for the viewer’s eye there is a harmonious overall in your shop.

Shape of hook

The hooks of our hangers are always directly in touch with your shop architecture.
We support you with a harmonized design in various surfaces. This might be a classical hook with ball at the end or an elegant, discreet look without junk.
We are also operating on the market with a wide range of possibilities, as diameter of hook, length of hook, rotatability or avoiding metal abrasion.


To focus your brand identity your logo is essential on your hangers.
Your CI is coming close to your customers day by day.
Pad and laser printing are belonging to standard nowadays. But pieperhangers reestablished also the traditional techniques as hot printing and metal bagdes in his portfolio.


Together with our customers and based on our knowledge and competence we are developing new solutions regarding hangers every day. So it is possible to convert different standard hangers with several additions to a harmonious overall for your individually hanger feature.


You can find the most suitable hanger for the various types of clothing and accessories in our range which is based on 100 years close relationship to the market, which had been improved continually and will be in the future.
We look forward to realize your ideas and specifications by collaborative cooperation.

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