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For 90 years our focus is on clothing hangers.
Leading companies of the fashion industry rely on the know-how of pieperhangers regarding development and delivery of customized hangers.

"made for fashion" is our credo. With current trends we are the innovative pioneer in our market. Lots of our customers gain inspiration of our hanger creations, before they make the choice for that kind of hangers which are most suitable for them.

Consulting we are seeing as target-oriented service, from the first conversation,up to samples of our products and this in the shortest possible time.Finally it is not just about “look” and “feeling” of the hanger,but also all functional aspects for presenting the clothes, such as supporting surface, contour or logistics requirements of merchandise management. For optimum realisation of your specifications we have access to a global network of international manufacturers and guarantee best possible price-performance ratio.

Our customers continually confirm our consulting service as quick and efficient, and, of course, upon request also on site on your premises, please let us know.



The company is founded. Adolf Pieper and 3 employees start production of hangers in a craft workshop in the Old Town of Hameln. These were sold to textile stockists, stores and household shops troughout Germany.


The factory, having grown constantly over the years, is relocated to Ohsener Street - the current company headquarters.


Production is taken up again successfully with the help of much improvisation.


The new brand name pieperconcept becomes the brand symbol for various business sections.


The company is changed to a GmbH & Co. KG (limited company)


The second generation with managers Norbert Fenske, Cord Wehrmann and Bernd Söhlke takes over.


pieperhangers is now proteczed as a word mark and continues to stand for costum-design hangers


pieperconcept is known as a market leader in the field of high quality fashion hangers and is establisched as a supplier of showrooms and shop-in-shop systems for international fashion brands.

pieperhangers through the ages

A huge selection of wooden hangers, which is constantly expanded by new wishes and ideas of our customers can be found at pieperhangers.

The history of the hanger began with wire constructions and was then further developed into enormous, massive wooden dress carriers, which had only about something in common with today's form. The purpose of these first hangers was to preserve the men's uniforms and women's robes, and were reserved for wealthy people.

The mass production of hangers starts at the beginning of the 20th century. After, the product soon develops into a basic commodity.

In 1924 began the production of wooden hangers at pieperconcept. Today, as a manufacturer, we continue to rely on this long-lasting and almost unbreakable product made from the renewable raw material wood. Clothes hangers of pieperhangers are available in a variety of wood species and surface finishes.

The spectrum ranges from Chinese hardwoods via beech, maple and ash to exclusive high-quality woods such as oak and walnut.

The surfaces of the hangers can be individually designed for you, from the "untreated finely sanded" to exclusive finishes, unusual stains or the renaissance of vintage look.
The wooden clothes hanger is supported in its function as a product carrier by metal fittings perfectly matched to your equipment.
That means the hooks, metal clips and trouser bars are color matching to your shop, so a harmonious overall picture is created without optical distortions. In many different versions, your name can be reproduced on the hangers.
From color (tampon) printing via an embossing, or the popular laser engraving: pieperhangers masters also this profession. Daily problems in the trade such as clothes slipping off the hangers we meet with various non-slip systems.

Whether you need to hang clothes for the little ones or really strong guys. pieperhangers build hangers, as already mentioned, since 1924 and is always able to offer you a solution.

Outside our range of wooden hangers, we manufacture soft-touch hangers, which are something special on the market, because of their velvety haptics and the deep black look.
But we also able to supply plastic hangers, as well as the most different solutions.

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